Sir Ken Robinson’s NYSCATE Talk

Here’s a chance for you to see a brilliant speaker talk in a very humourous way about a very important subject.

This talk appears on the Educator’s PLN which I belong to. It is well worth looking at this Ning site of you get the chance as it has a mass of other information as well as the chance to network with some really interesting educators many of whom have really interesting blogs that are worth looking at if you are interested in web 2.0 and its applications for education.

Basically Sir Ken’s main thesis, which he outlined so well in his Ted Talk which I refer to in an earlier post,  is that not everyone can benefit from the Victorian “industrial”  concept of an academic education. He has written an excellent book called “The Element” In this book he outlines the stories of people (many of them now famous) who have excelled in their life by following their passions. He believes that aesthetic is the opposite of anaesthetic because so much of education is boring and does not appeal to the passions and interests of the children.

The talk is well worth your time and, like me, it will probably lead you to read the book. If it also gets you to look up the Educator’s PLN then this post has been very worthwhile.


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