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This blog is about my learning using web technology. I have been able to find out many interesting things by following links provided in Twitter.

On one tweet, early on last Sunday morning I saw a link to something called “The Van Meter Library Voice”. I have to be honest and say it was the rather interesting name that caught my attention.

I have subsequently found out that  “Van Meter is a community of approximately 1,000 residents, conveniently located just 10 minutes west of Des Moines and one mile south of I-80 at exit 113.”

As my librarian brother said to me on the phone, you have some sort of invisible connection with Iowa, since I had mentioned Des Moines as the place where the author Bill Bryson (who I greatly admire and have read many of his excellent books) grew up and which he wrote about in his brilliant memoir of childhood “The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid” which I had referred to in my blog posting

But this was something very unexpected. It was not just a library site it was a site that had embraced the developments in learning that have been made available by web 2.0

In Shannon Miller the Van Meter Schools (Elementary and Secondary) have found a passionate advocate of the power of the student voice. She has put together a wonderful blog for her students with many links that will extend their learning. She, and the school have also not been afraid to reach out and grasp the potential of social media networking to develop their students.

If you go to the school’s main website you will see the bold statement “At Van Meter Community School we are thinking differently!”

What excited me in all this is the fact that Van Meter is looking to the future skills that its children will need to survive in the world of post-crash America. They do not see social media as a threat but as an opportunity. They are in the vanguard of what can be done for schools in Iowa, the United States and indeed anywhere in the world.

If you get the chance look up Shannon’s library blog site. Look for the many links to other social media sources and sites that will encourage the children at her school to investigate and interrogate the digital world that they live in.

The link is:

Enjoy and learn.


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