The vision of One Laptop Per Child

I have always been interested and moved by the idea behind “One laptop Per Child” and today I was sent a Twitter that was the riposte to the criticism about the cost of the laptops, who will program them and who will repair them.

The article:

provided me with something that I felt really hit home. They talked about the fact that, although the laptops have been made to withstand a lot of movement, they can be dropped and have smashed parts. They then said that, in Nigeria, there have been 5 year old children who have learnt to fix the simply designed laptops on what they call “Laptop Hospital”.

As they state in the article the insult to the intelligence and potential of children is not to be ignored. This project is as much about the development of children’s ability to become self-sufficient, capable of dealing with technical difficulties and therefore developing skills to do so.

In an article today in “The Daily Green”

there is coverage of the Nigerian “Laptop Hospital” as well as some interesting technical details about the environmentally aware development of the laptops.

I feel that Nicholas Negroponte and his team have a great vision in One Laptop Per Child. Criticism is easy… but in the end I hope and feel that they and the children of developing parts of the world, will have the last laugh.


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