The End of Techno-Critique

This article ( ) is a brave riposte to critics of new technology and what it can do for education.

The authors take the criticism by people as significant as Larry Cuban and answer it by stating that it is not the potential of the technology that has failed but the sometimes half-hearted attempts to put it into practice and the fact that the teachers and administrators are not always convinced of the merits of introducing costly technology in respect of exam and test results.

But this is not just about exam and test results, it is about the very future of education and the way that our schools and colleges need to adapt to the powerful access to knowledge and the building up of new knowledge (as in the interactivity of web 2.0) notwithstanding the future impact of mobile technology (at present banned from so many institutions but already transforming others) and other technological developments that we don’t even know about but which will transform our world in the way that the internet already has.

Please read this  article and spread the word!


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