Nicholas Kristof humanitarian journalist

I found myself a New York Times on-line reader following a link in Twitter. As in so much of my continuing learning journey I just get the link, click and then see if it has any value or not.

This link was to a report by someone called Nicholas Kristof. Now those of you reading this will probably know of him and his exploits and his New York Times fame but, as a Brit from Essex who did not really know anything about the New York Times, its influence or its personnel,I just had to judge on what I could read.

The article was about a book he had written with his wife Sheryl WuDunn called “Half the Sky” which was all about the exploitation and mistreatment of women and the potential for women and particularly women’s education and health to effect a better future for us all on this planet.

I was hooked by this article. Not just to Kristof but also to the New York Times. I wondered about an organisation that would pay a person to campaign so publically about major issues. I became a NYT online reader and always refer to it during the week to see if there is anything of value.

Usually there is an article by Kristof. These articles are about the current pressing issues like Haiti but they are also about places like the Congo.

Recently Kristof has taken himself to the Congo and has reported about the sheer horror of the killings and rapes that are happening in that part of Africa every day.

His stories are getting back to the U.S.A. and to people like me on the world wide web and he is letting us know about events that the world and in particular the international organisations and governments of the world have chosen to ignore.

This morning I sat and cried as I watched two wonderful but deeply harrowing videos that Kristof made on the NYT site. The videos are “Congo’s Forgotten War” and “An American In Congo” they can be accessed from the New York Times Video site

I know that this blog does not carry to thousands but I feel that I can at least play some small part in getting people who follow me (in countries across the world I have found out)  to look at these videos and read Kristof’s work on the NYT site and his blog which is also on the main site.

I feel that he is one of the best finds that I have made in my learning journey because he speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. We need people like Nicholas Kristof to use the power of the media and the increasing power of the internet to let their cries be heard and may, just maybe, we might do something about it!


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