Prezi… a powerful presentation program

I have just come across a powerful presentation program by the name of Prezi. I found this via a Tweet (as usual) and was amazed at its potential.

This makes Powerpoint seem positively pedestrian! In fact, after a number of years when Powerpoint has ruled as the main means of students and their teachers presenting information I feel that Prezi has stepped presentations up to the 21st Century.
It allows you to zoom in and out and link parts of your presentation… you can include videos and pictures and of course any form of text… but the way you present it is up to you.
I am including, in this post, a link to a brilliant Prezi by Ben Robinson called “The Seven Wonders Of the Ancient World”. This shows just what can be achieved using this program.
What excites me is the creativity that it releases in students. This is the direction that we have to take in the future. To go down the line of topic based learning that allows students the chance to explore in their own way how to present their findings in the most imaginative manner.
To get to Prezi go to Sign up, go to learn and then explore… soon you will be creating some wonderful material that you can add to the public domain “Prezi’s” where I found Ben’s brilliant effort below. Have fun!

To see Ben’s Prezi press the triangle at the bottom of the Prezi frame and you can go through the presentation… try to dwell on the amazing Google Earth inspired slide show in the middle.. and then see how all the different “Wonders” are explored as they were and with pictures of how they look now.

.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }


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