Temple Grandin: The latest in my top TED Talks

In December last year I compiled my list of TED Top 10 Talks https://malbell.wordpress.com/2009/12/21/my-ted-top-10/

I have just updated this to become my TED Top 11 because I have seen a brilliant talk by Temple Grandin from TED 2010. It is called “The World Needs All Kinds of Minds” it is not moving, not delivered with great passion but is absolutely gripping from the beginning to the end.

Here is a woman who was born autistic in 1950 in Boston, Mass. She had the fortune to have parents who understood that she was different and made sure from an early age that she was trained to “take turns” and try and socialise which she did not find easy (as people with Aspergers syndrome  don’t).

She was also fortunate in that her school allowed her to express herself visually as she “thought in pictures” as she says in the video.

She used her ability to think in pictures to develop a real awareness of how animals think which of course is not verbal (as many of us do). She was then able to use her knowledge of the way animals think and her drawing skills to design safer and more humane pens for animals to be kept in who are about to be slaughtered.

There is so much in this short video which is not just about the autistic mind but also the fact that all children (and adults) think in different ways and that schools should try to encourage and develop these skills instead of keeping to the narrow diet of verbal and numerical skills that is forever tested!

I would thoroughly recommend this video… it is certainly a worthwhile addition to my Top Ted Talks…. and I would also recommend that you look up Temple on a Google search (or whatever your search engine of choice is). She is a person who is worthy of study.

I will end by saying a continued well done to TED for their inspiring talks. I have now decided that I will add to my “TOP TED Talks” as and when I feel there is a worthwhile addition to the members of a very exclusive personal club.


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