Digital Preservation… the questions

I enjoyed watching this video for a number of reasons.

The first reason was that it highlighted a problem to me that I hadn’t really thought about before, the problem of what we should preserve of the mass of digital information that is available in our world today.

The second reason was that it showed just how much the U.S. Library of Congress has advanced in looking at the fact that we have now entered a digital age and that the collection and preservation of digital information is a huge part of their reason for existence and, as far as I can see they are doing it very well.

The third reason was the fact that, in the video, you will see pupils from Arlington Virginia who,as the video explains, are the teenagers of today who can truly be called “Digital Natives” and who are part of the thinking about what we need to preserve the world’s stock of digital information for their future and their children’s future.The video asks big questions of these digital natives and pays them the respect of listening and broadcasting their views.I first came across the video on a website that I follow called “Weare the” and the actual site address is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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