Mr Smith’s Monster Page

I love this site for many reasons.

Firstly it is about creativity. The intention is to make a monster and to compete (in the nicest possible way) with others from around the world in making your monster that represents your own ideas.

Secondly it is about collaboration. The monsters are designed by a whole class or group and is about the idea of children cooperating and bouncing ideas off of each other. (a very very significant real world skill for our changed world).

Thirdly it is about global I said above this simple idea has now spread worldwide and there are entries from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

The site itself is marvellous. There are games, videos, podcasts and more and I would think that any elementary/primary child who gets to see it will be interested immediately.

If you are an elementary or primary teacher and haven’t come across it before I would strongly suggest that you look it up.


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