Why I like this video

This video is a bit special.It is poorly shot and obviously amateur. There are problems with the sound. So why do I like it so much?

Because it is an interview with Greg Mortenson after one of his numerous talks in schools across the width of the U.S.A. The interviewer is a young student who does not hide her own feelings when she has had an inspiring answer from the great man… she says “awesome” or “I agree” and that is not the way of the T.V.  professional but is certainly refreshing to see.

She ends her interview with Greg by asking him to sign her copy of his book, like any fan might.

The video then continues with her interviewing two of her own teachers. They speak in the immediate aftermath of having listened to Greg talking and they both pick up on the central message of the importance of education and the way that peace can be achieved through education.

Greg makes some very important statements about listening to one’s elders and thinking with the heart as well as the head.

This is not a professional video but it has a powerful impact and tells you a lot. Bear with it because it has much to offer.

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