Jay Walker’s Library of the Imagination

I have embarked upon yet another learning journey that came from a chance remark in one of last week’s ISTE 10 presentations by Chris Lehmann. One of the audience got talking to Chris as he was walking around during one of the discussion points of his presentation. She said that she was really interested in putting the A (Arts) into STEM and that it should be called “STEAM”.

I loved this idea (as I am a great proponent of the role of imagination and creativity in learning) and I decided to Google the “putting the A into STEM” and it came up with the following link…. 

STEM or STEAM? Putting Creativity into STEM | HASTAC  

10 Jun 2010 For designers invested in educational spaces, the challenge is obvious: We cannot simply hammer the round peg of this STEM initiative into
This took me a to a wonderful organisation that I had never come across before called HASTAC (which stands for Humanities Arts  Science Technology Advanced Collaboratory). This organisation was full of people who think the same way that I do and have an intense interest in the role of the arts and imagination in promoting thinking and the way that art/humanities can support scientific and technological innovation.
I found out about some really interesting people on this entry about putting the A  into STEM and one of them was Jay Walker.
Walker is a digital Technology entrepreneur. He has used a lot of his abundant wealth to create an amazing private library of the human imagination. You can read about it here: http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/16-10/ff_walker?currentPage=all
He showed  off a number of his artifacts and talked about them at the TED 2008 Meeting. The video below will give you some idea of the enthusiasm of the man. I believe that it also shows how innovation and imagination are crucial to intellectual and technological development and why they must become a key feature of our 21st century education system.

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