Freddie Darke’s Mural

I am a follower (on Twitter) of Thomas Tallis School in London. They are a school that specialises in creativity and their Twitter name is @creativetallis. (see )

What I love about this school is that they are one of those places where pupils get the chance to express themselves. Recently they were in the process of knocking down an old part of their school in preparation for some new building. They decided to allow one of their ex-pupils to do a mural representing his time at the school.

The video below is a result of that decision. They invited back Freddie Darke who is now a successful illustrator and allowed him to express himself in a mural.

What I like about the video is the way that you can see the creative mind at work. I have talked a lot in my blogs about the need to promote creativity…well at Thomas Tallis School they do just that and Freddie is the type of person that comes from their school vision and environment. He has obviously learnt to think in a creative way and to use his abundant imagination  and artistic skills. I wonder how life may have been different for him (or very probably frustrating or unpleasant) if he had gone to a school where creativity was off the agenda and there was just a concentration on a narrow curriculum that did not suit Freddie.

Watch the video and see what you think.

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