The Global Coalition

I now follow “Finding Dulcinea” and recently I received a Tweet about a post called “Educators that Rock” It was about a teacher from Bethlehem Middle School in New York State called Bill Reilly.

Bill teaches Social Studies and had a vision of using the power of the internet to bring together schools from all over the world and get children to communicate and collaborate so as to promote peace and understanding between nations.

He founded an organisation called “The Global Coalition Project”. The film below shows an interview with Bill in which he explains the way that the organisation works.

I found this film really exciting. Here was an educator that was trying to use the connectivity of the internet so as to get children from different parts of the world to try and understand each other. They have used e-pals to try and communicate with each other  see

The children from the twenty countries involved with the project  have created artworks that they have contributed to an annual auction that raises money to help support schools in Africa.

This truly is using the power of the web to develop understanding and promote world peace. Hopefully other schools in other countries will feel able to join this project ( I would especially like to see a school from the U.K. where I live join the Project).


2 thoughts on “The Global Coalition

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this interview! Bill Reilly is an incredible teacher and his students are so, so lucky. They learn real world knowledge that will help them make better decisions and be conscientious leaders. Everyone deserves a teacher like him.

  2. Thanks for writing about our article on Bill Reilly. He is indeed a remarkable teacher who has done some great things with his students. The world is truly going global; I interact every single day with people from everywhere in the world. Teachers like Bill Reilly are preparing their students for the future, not the past.

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