I have a dream for education

47 Years ago today (28th August 1963) The Reverend Dr Martin Luther King made his famous and wonderful speech “I Have A Dream”  in Washington D.C. at a huge Civil Rights gathering.
I have always loved that speech and wondered if it could somehow act as a stimulus for children to express in writing their own dreams for the world. I thought I would start with myself and have penned the following lines about my dream for education in the future.
Maybe some of you might try this with your students on Monday… we should collect the results together in a massive e-folder for all the world to see!!

I have a dream
(with great respect and appreciation to the memory of Reverend Dr Martin Luther King  Jnr.,)

I have a dream today
I dream that schools will be about learning and not instruction
I dream of children able to follow their feelings and inclinations.. indeed their dreams
I dream of creativity in the classroom and collaboration
I dream about teachers and children learning together
I dream about the end of testing for the sake of testing
I dream about schools which do not divide by age, sex, class, creed, religion, sexual orientation  or skin colour
I dream of a school where children communicate with the world
I dream of all schools having equal access to resources
Equal chances for their children to become the people that they have the possibility to be
Of children who are happy and involved
Of an end to boredom and anger, frustration and despair
Of an end to children who see their education as a prison not a release for their minds and their potential
I have a dream that the kinds of things we expect for our children are considered the norm for all children throughout our world
And that the child who would have faced no school, or boredom and despair within his prison will be released to create the wonderful idea or invention that can help all of mankind
I have a dream today!


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