Chris Anderson’s TED Global Talk

I loved this talk. I have written before about how my learning journey into blogging and Twitter started with a message from Chris Anderson. I am a TED fanatic as everyone who follows this blog will know.

I felt a certain sense of apprehension when I heard that Chris was about to embark on his own TED Talk.. given that he had met and greeted so many brilliant speakers over the years and had set the bar for TED Talk delivery so high. I felt a bit like a member of the family at some school play about to see his relative perform and I wondered what I would see.

I needn’t have worried. The talk, although delivered in Chris’s slightly hesitant and reserved English (a bit posher than my own.. but with some similarities) was a joy to listen to and the use of the powerful Prezi program to aid the presentation was excellent.

The ending was powerful and emotional and answered one of my own questions. It is usually Chris who goes up and claps, hugs, kisses or shakes hands with the speaker at the conclusion to the TED Talks. How was he going to end his own? Well.. in a word…brilliantly.

I am excited by his ideas for the next development (evolution) of TED into the wider sphere of two way communication with his audience. I agree totally with him about the power of video and the way that the internet has transformed the power of presentation as a teaching tool.

The TED University of the 21st century is widening its access and the Vice-Chancellor has given a wonderful commencement speech.


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