Believing in Dalton

Watch this video of a 12 year old child in Dallas Texas addressing a huge convention fearlessly and expressing his belief in himself and the importance of his teachers believing in him.

He tells us, quite correctly, that he can become anything that he wants to be if there is belief. He expresses the fact that he can succeed and so can everyone else from the schools of Dallas who sat wildly cheering him at that speech.

It is stirring, emotional and inspiring and it is delivered almost word perfect to a huge audience by a 12 year old boy.

I loved the part where he said to the teachers sitting in the audience that they don’t get a lot of pay but they do the most important job that there is because they are involved with giving children like Dalton the belief in themselves. But he made the proviso that the teachers and the administrators need to believe in themselves because if they don’t then the children won’t get the self belief that they need to become anything they want to be.

This video should be seen widely and I believe it will. It already has over 600,000 hits and the number will rise and rise… I wonder if any of them will be President Obama or Secretary of Education Arne Duncan… somehow I doubt it.