My Twitter Journey

Twitter is…

Starting with nothing

No friends

No followers

Thinking what do I write?

I will say that I’m in a mall

Waiting for my wife

Being bored

Is anyone out there?

Following TED

A direct message from Chris Anderson

A link

Find friends


Look for communities with like minds

So I follow

And wait

And friends come

sometimes only one

Maybe two

I join a PLN

I belong to a group

I discover #edchat

I listen, unable to know what to do

When do I Tweet?

I am confused

Then a breakthrough

I have something to say

I have someone to say it to

I communicate

They communicate

They follow me

My friends grow, my followers grow

I find Van Meter

I start to blog

I find #ukedchat

There is now a rich diet

Of links,

Of videos,

Of discussion

Of friends who retweet my blog post links

I get past 100 followers,

Then 200

Surely it will never reach 300

It now stands at around 650

I have Professors, teachers, salesmen, politicians, entertainers, acrobats and housewives

Who I follow

Who follow me

Every now and again I am blown away by a quote

I can even send pictures

I have made one podcast

This is the power of Twitter

I love it

I tell others

They look at me

You..a Tweeter! No

I don’t see the point in it

It’s for telling people where you are

What will I learn on Twitter?


One thought on “My Twitter Journey

  1. Someone states they have a problem and asks for help.

    I fix it

    We share the fix

    Everyone benefits.

    Rinse, repeat.

    It is one of many ways to connect to people, it just so happens that it suits teachers because Facebook = personal, Twitter = work.

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