Following a link from a Tweet I found a wonderful site called This was a real find. It has a huge selection of links to some brilliant web tools as well as some excellent training videos made by the site’s author and founder, Adam Bellow.

I spent ages looking through a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of resources, many of which I had never come across before and which I feel would be really helpful for teachers to see. There is, of course the added benefit of Adam’s explanation for a number of the tools in his videos.

I also found the time to look up Adam’s talk at ISTE 1o “10 web tools to make your classroom rock” This is well worth as look at. In it he puts the argument that the term Web 2.0 is now dead and that we should be looking at the term Web Tools instead. (See his article on Scribd )

If you haven’t yet seen this site then I can heartily recommend it. I have it bookmarked now and will no doubt be searching through new “tools” and watching Adam explaining to me how to use them, in the future.


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