Behind the TEDTalk

Behind the TEDTalk: New mini documentary starring Sir Ken and Raghava KK.

This video is a bit special. It is a behind the scenes look at TED 2010. It features Sir Ken Robinson and Ragava KK. They both speak about their experiences of appearing at the wonderful TED Conference.

As a great fan of TED as well as a devoted follower of Sir Ken Robinson, this was indeed a treat. I felt like I was there. I imagined myself at the behind the scenes briefing by Chris Anderson and  at the get-together with the other presenters.

My favourite moment was the emergence of Sir Ken onto the stage before his talk. I felt as if I were with him about to go out on that stage with the pressure of having already delivered one of the seminal TED Talks in 2006.

I still imagine going out and delivering my own TED Talk one day and now my dreams can be more fleshed out as I can imagine the behind the scenes part as well!

Enjoy this brilliant short documentary.


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