What Twitter (and Facebook) means to me


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Learning is about change. It is about changing your outlook on the world, finding out about things that you didn’t know before, of people who may have something significant to say, of new ways of doing things and maybe an appreciation of the old ways.

If learning is to mean anything then it is about the ability that a medium has in bringing about transformation in the person who is learning. We start from the point of not knowing or being unable to a point where we have ability to maybe influence or affect the lives of others.

I have often talked in my blogs about the way that I have used social media and in particular Twitter and Facebook to extend my learning. Well this morning was a very good example of just this process. When I wake up on a Sunday morning I usually have an hour or two to spend in what I call my “learning time”.

This is the time that I try to investigate what’s new on Twitter or on Facebook. I am rarely disappointed. This morning I discovered an amazing blog post from a lady whose post, I later discovered has gone viral. It is a letter to her daughter following the senseless tragedy of the young student who killed himself because he had been filmed by fellow students having sex with another male student. If you haven’t yet read the post then join the virus here !

I also had the chance to follow a Tweet that introduced me to a new learning community set up by ISTE which as you may well know stands for the International Society For Technology In Education. This community (if you are interested) can be accessed at: http://istelearning.org/

Following a link from this site I found myself looking at classroom Blogging, which is a subject  I am deeply interested in and a lady called Ann Davis. I downloaded an article she wrote called “A Vision For Classroom Blogging”

This led me to trying to find out about Ann and so I looked up the link in the article to her Blog “EduBlog Insights” and this led me to a wonderful post all about a blogging dog called Harley… this post demands to be read… it is the second powerful and moving post that I had managed to read within half an hour of my mini “learning journey”. It can be seen at http://anne.teachesme.com/

Now all of my learning this morning has come from Twitter links. But there are often Sunday mornings where I will wake up and go to Facebook to find someone in my Friend’s community has posted up a link to a wonderful new application, or video or website. This leads me to explore new avenues that are transforming me.

This morning I have been moved, motivated, concerned and have learnt about a powerful new PLN run by one of the world’s most important learning communities.

A while back I was at a teacher’s meeting and I asked a group of newly qualified teachers whether they were on Twitter. Out of thirteen teachers not one was! “What can you learn from Twitter?” one of them asked.

Well… I have had two hours this morning and I have stated what I have learnt and how it has helped me to develop as a person. What can you learn from Twitter? (Or Facebook?)


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