I am now an official lifelong learner!!

Those of you (a small select intelligent and perceptive group of discerning people!) who follow my blog on a regular basis will note that I have subtly changed the name of this blog.

When I first started to blog I meant it to be a chance for me to share my own learning as I sailed through the sea of information that we all have to traverse in these days. But I have realised as I go along that the top priority for everybody who wants to live in our world now and in the future is to accept that they are a lifelong learner.

We know that learning does not stop when you leave school.  Learning though is having to get accustomed to an ever changing world. We live in revolutionary times (as we can see by the forces of reaction combatting the inevitable change). Technology has already transformed our world and there will be new ways that we live, are entertained, communicate and work. These things demand that we are not just passive observers but participants.

A few posts ago I mentioned a 90 year old lady who was dying of cancer and, in her death bed, was blogging as a means to leave a legacy of her memories and thoughts to her descendents. The thing that I did like about this lady apart from  her obvious wisdom, is that she is the perfect example of a lifelong learner. She has not much time left on this planet but she wants to keep her mind engaged and learn new things!

I therefore wanted to change the title of my blog to reflect the fact that by choice I have always loved learning and am excited by the possibilities that the “new age” has given me to expand my learning but that, like all my fellow human beings, I am a lifelong learner and will be until I die.


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