Dancing Under The Gallows


This is a wonderful film on so many levels. It is about Alice, the oldest living holocaust survivor, who survived the concentration camps because she was a concert pianist who played practically every night of her stay in Theresienstadt

What stands out about Alice is her love of life, her forgiveness of her experiences of life and her love indeed worship of music that kept her alive and which still keeps her going at 106.

She is 107 next month and is looking forward to her party. Happy birthday to a wonderful human being who really does inspire and enhance our lives.



2 thoughts on “Dancing Under The Gallows

  1. My son Eytan, 8 years old, and grandson of fellow Holocaust survivor, would like to send a birthday card to Alice along with something he wrote for school about Alice. How can we get this to her in time for her birthday?

    1. Hello Veronique,
      Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post. I have written to the filmmakers sending your comment to them in full. Hopefully they may be able to give me Alice’s address for Eytan to contact her, as and when I receive this I will contact you.

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