f.lux and BrokenAirplane

I am writing this blog in the dark evening of early November here in Essex, U.K. My screen has been adjusted by a program called F.lux which I found out about from a great website brokenairplane. I had a tweet that linked to a post called “What Powers The Classroom.. My Software Recommendations”

This post had a number of excellent recommendations for free software for schools. I tried many of them out as I went down the list and then found F.lux.  The main page says: Better lighting…for your computer.

It works on scientific evidence that we are better off if we are using a computer to have the screen lighting adjusted to the time of day that we are using it. Thus, at the moment my screen has ben dulled do that I am able to type without a bright light that might cause me to have headaches and can also effect my sleep.

Since this is free software I would think that it can easily be used by parents and indeed schools without it making a strain on their budgets in these hard times!

My F.lux settings has told me where I am on the planet, that sunset was 2 hours ago and, by the flick of a button I can see how my screen will adjust on a curve that represents daylight to night in the next 24 hours.

I can heartily recommend this program and also the brokenairplane site, which was a mine of information that has many articles of value on technology and education.


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