Who Inspires You?

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I have just uploaded my first Youtube video (above). I was compelled to actually take the step of going into the world of personal video after watching this video:

This video is part of a series of videos that can be seen on Youtube. People are asked who was their inspiration and they speak to the camera.At the end of the video they place a coin in the jar which is the thematic part of the videos. Unfortunately I forgot about this when I did mine!

I have found that there is a Twitter community that has been set up by merely putting a #sign in front of letters or a word. This community is called #inspires and a few days ago I sent out a tweet about this:

who #inspires you? For me it is Benjamin Zander and the possibilities of life as well as the beautiful music

I received a reply to my Tweet and the person as follows:

David Rogers
daviderogers David Rogers
@malcolmbellamy it’s a cliche by my mother #inspires me – she has endured immense hardship, yet she still gets up each day and smiles
I found this a wonderful reply and it made me think about what inspires others. Which is why I made my video and have now written this post. If you get the chance then please say in a few words (you have up to 140 characters) who inspires you and why on #inspires or maybe you can enter the world of video making like me and just point a video camera at yourself and say what you want to say. A lot of people will be interested to know.



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