Twitter For Parents

Social Media Landscape

I have been trying to set up a Twitter community for primary (elementary) teachers in the local authority where I work. As I stated in a previous post (“They Just Don’t Get It” ) this has been largely unsuccessful.

Imagine my delight therefore when, at a recent Mathematics Subject Leader Meeting, I was discussing social media with a teacher who told me that his school had gone into the Twitterverse! He said that they had set up Twitter accounts for each class and that the parents could keep up with events using Twitter.

Here is how it is on the actual site:

Click on a Twitter bird to see what the children have been up to. You will see the class names underneath the birds.

For obvious security reasons we have protected our Tweets and when you click on a class you will see the message “This person has protected their tweets“. If you sign up to Twitter, you will then see the message below:

Protected Tweets

Once we receive your request, we can check the details and approve you. Thus keeping us safe online.

Then you can follow our tweets and see what we have been

Can we also suggest if you do set up a Twitter account, you also protect your Tweets. This will provide extra protection and the safer we are on the internet the better

I just loved it. Here was a school that was truly tying into the life that their students and their parents were living. They were embracing the technology and taking internet safety into consideration. The fact that they are one of the schools in my area made me feel really proud and maybe, just maybe, our schools are beginning to “get it”!


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