Isaac Asimov: A prophet of the new learning age

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As a follower of Finding Dulcinea I was recently led, via a Tweet from my Facebook friend Mark Moran (their CEO) to an old video from PBS which was conducted by Bill Moyers. The person he interviewed was Isaac Asimov who I have read a few times (as have so many others). I had heard that he was ahead of his time but, if you have the chance to watch the video above, you will see just how much.

Here he was in 1988 talking about computers and the way that they would transform education and indeed personalise it away from the “industrial model” (everyone learning the same thing at the same he states in the video).

I was amazed by all of this. The whole video is well worth watching and can be seen on:

Apart from Asimov himself, who comes across as a very wise as well as prophetic person, I was also impressed by Bill Moyers, who, as a Brit living here in the U.K. I didn’t really know about. He asks some really good questions that brings the best out of his interviewee. I shall; be looking up more of his archived recordings.

One last point: isn’t it wonderful that the age of the computer that Asimov talked about has also made his 1988 interview available to all on “Youtube”. I suppose I will come across an interview he gave in 1987 in which he predicted a major electronic library of videos! I wouldn’t be surprised.


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