It started with a it often does. This led me to look up a very long video about an impressive young man who had developed a new application for giving Twitter “x-ray vision!”

To explain the intricacies of the program look at

Suffice to say I have found the application compulsive and interesting. I can quickly see materials that come as links in the Tweets. I managed to read some fascinating blog posts as well as very quickly subscribe to them.

I now have a really useful application that is making Twitter more powerful for me. The great thing is that it is free. I never cease to wonder at the power of so many excellent programs that are now available free to the world.

As I write this blog I am getting  a continuous feed from Lazy scope and I can click on one and it will take me to the Tweet and open up any link that is within it. If I impressed by the article or blog post I can subscribe and it will add these new sites to my list of Lazyscope subscriptions. It is as easy and as efficient as it seems in the video. I would advise anybody who loves Twitter and wants to develop their use of it to get hold of this free software at



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