Dr Tae and a new culture of teaching and learning

This is part 1 of three of a truly insightful video made by Yung Tae Kim, a “skateboarding professor of physics” at Northwestern University. see:  http://www.drtae.org/

I would advise everyone reading this blog to watch all three parts of the video as it collectively adds to something of a real “tour de force” by a very interesting person who “says it like it is”.

His premise is that “school sucks” (and especially universities) and he points out why and how there are answers.

The idea of a professor showing how we learn by trying a very intricate trick on his skateboard really appeals.

He quotes “Mythbusters” in saying that it is possible to “polish a turd” and puts forward a radical idea for a solution to the problems of education.

I find Dr Tae a breath of fresh air and I like his ideas.I like his use of “modern” English usage and  I think that his video needs to be more widely seen especially by those people who are trying to “reform” education. Try showing it to your students… they would love it!


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