A Parents’ Guide To Facebook

Facebook logo
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Following a Tweet link  (as usual) I downloaded a really good document that I would recommend to any parent or indeed teacher.

It is called “A Parents’ Guide To Facebook” and it explains to parents exactly what is involved in Facebook and social media generally.

It advised parents to join Facebook themselves if their children use it and to become a friend of their children. If this creates embarrassment for the children then they suggest that a made-up name known to the children only could be used.

It explains the different levels of privacy involved in Facebook and advises parents on how to discuss issues such as making sure that their children do not post their address or other personal details to public perusal on Facebook. That they need to be wary about befriending people.

Used properly and in a controlled way they see that Facebook has real potential for children to communicate, to learn and to interact with each other.

This is just one publication on a very good site that is called “Connect Safely” which is dedicated to promoting social media use in a safe environment for children (and indeed adults). Please look at the site and use it… it could just make the difference between the horrors of misuse of a powerful media and the advantages that it can bestow if used safely and effectively.



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