My top 10 posts, articles and sites of 2010


Because of the wonders of the Diigo bookmarking site I am able to save articles and posts that I read online as I go along. This year has been a really good one for learning. I have made 283 bookmarks which lie in my Diigo Library. As we are nearing the end of 2010 I decided I would search through my Library and find the 10 posts and articles that have moved, educated or interested me the most.

It was not an easy choice as there were many excellent articles and posts that I have had to exclude. In the end I have chosen the ones that had the most powerful impact on me personally. The top three are all blog posts that could truly be called exceptional.

1. A simply wonderful piece of writing about education and life.

2. A wonderful post about using old technology to fight for a cause and learn about democracy in a paperless classroom

3. Brilliantly researched piece on the song “Baby you’re a Firework” by Katie Perry… one of the posts of the year by a long way

4. Great article on the revenge of the right brain… instructive and adds to the current debate on where education is going


5. A really good post from the great education site Edutopia about using TED Talks in the classroom


6. An excellent interview by the brilliant Educational Architect Trung Le with one of the foremost thinkers on 21st Century education, Professor Stephen Heppell


7. Fascinating article that really opens up the debate about the importance of creativity to educational development in the 21st century

8. Love this site and the idea about global collaboration in the design of monsters


9. The wonderful Cybraryman Educational Web-Sites online library. It keeps on growing and is literally a mine of information… well done Jerry Blumengarten for a great resource for teachers and educators everywhere

10. A wonderful short animated film from the great Open Culture site… if you haven’t seen this site yet it is well worth a visit.


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