Jimi Hendrix… last live performance

Jimi Hendrix.
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I am a great fan of the Open Culture site. They keep coming out with little gems of discovery from Youtube and other sources. Well I think I may have found one of my own. Having said “of my own” it has been watched by 373,568 people (or a few people a lot of times!!) so maybe you might be one of them.

If you’re not then you’re in for a treat. Here is the great Jimi Hendrix performing with his friend  Eric Burdon and his backing group, War. The information provided on the Youtube page is as follows:

Place: Ronnie Scott’s Club, 47 Frith Street, London W1, England

Date: September 16, 1970

Jimi Hendrix’s last ever live performance.

Hendrix went to see his good friend Eric Burdon’s new band WAR one night and was invited on stage to play guest guitar, he was dead less than 72 hours later.

I think the pertinent phrase is the last one…. he was dead less than 72 hours after this. In this recording therefore we are hearing the amazing guitar work of a troubled genius amongst friends in his adopted home city of London within hours of his death (the exact circumstances of which are somewhat hazy and still disputed).

It was fascinating to hear and hopefully one or two of my readers will find it an interesting “discovery”.

Have a great Christmas.


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