We Want Peace

I have just heard a wonderful song by Emmanuel Jal who I have been a supporter and fan of since I saw his wonderful TED Talk “The Music Of A War Child”.

The video is here:

The song was written as part of Jal’s campaign to stop the outbreak of another civil war in his native Sudan. To quote his website:

My country is on the brink of war. On January 9, Southern Sudan will vote for its independence to be free from a government who has slaughtered and displaced our people for 43 years. The country is currently led by a regime bent on controlling oil resources.  80% of Sudan’s oil fields are in the south, making it a prime battleground to displace our indigenous people.  Both north and south are preparing for war, leaving innocent people at grave risk of major human rights violations. The last civil war between North and South claimed over 2 million lives, including my own mother. I have firsthand experience as a war child, forced to fight in the conflict and torn from my family. The time to prevent another genocide is now. I have a written a new single called “We Want Peace”.  It is a call for peace, protection and justice for all in my land, and also for an end to conflicts affecting innocent people all around the world.  Thank you for joining me in my struggle.

I have written this blog post as my small contribution to supporting this campaign….. we cannot surely sit by and allow another major genocide to take part in Africa….. please pass on the message….. WE WANT PEACE.


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