Making ripples

Birke Baehr and Jonathan Schenker may not be household names. They are the same generation as Justin Bieber who is somewhat better known. They are both though, inspiring young people, maybe (this would be controversial with JB’s massive fan base) more inspiring in their own ways.

I came across them purely by chance in following a link from having watched an excellent TEDx video from TedX Toronto by Neil Pasricha “The 3 A’s of Awesome”

On YouTube they give you links to other videos that may be of interest. So, to the right of the Pasricha video were some other TEDx videos… one of these was from TEDNextGeneration from Ashville in North Carolina. There were a number of these videos by young people bravely getting on stage and appearing in front of a large audience and then giving talks about things they were passionate about in the case of Birke about real food and farming and in the case of Jonathan about the value of video games to education.

They both come out with excellent ideas and both express themselves with a maturity that belies their years. The next time that you are concerned about the younger generation and what they will amount to look at these videos and maybe some of the other contributors to TEDNextGeneration.

These are videos that deserve to be seen widely and “make ripples” as one of the comments on Jonathan’s video said.


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