What might have been

As you look at the picture above of a happy mother and child you are all aware of the circumstances that destroyed this child’s life and has effected the lives of her family and friends forever.

9-year-old Christina Taylor Green was born on 9/11 and was a “Child of Hope” who was cut down in a senseless attack outside of a supermarket in Tucson Arizona.

Whenever a child dies, be it from the horrible circumstances of Christina’s death, or from illness or in places far away from Tucson like Haiti or Darfour I always think of the loss of what that child could have been. As a teacher we are in the business of the development of human potential.

Last night I watched a programme here in the U.K. called “Got To Dance” and a ten year old girl walked onto a small dance area in front of three brilliant professional dancers and proceeded to amaze them, the audience and me sitting at home with a display of dancing skill that belied her years and was, to quote one of the judges, Adam Garcia, the world renowned tap-dancer, “amazing”. She was literally “born to dance” and hopefully the world will see her potential unfold in years to come.

A few months ago I wrote a post about Adora Svitak, the world’s youngest teacher, a writer and broadcaster who is still only 13 and has already stunned a well informed audience with her 2010 TED Talk it is difficult to tell just how far this child can go and how much she can influence the world.

I have remarked before about how we do not know what any child may become or what influence they may have on their own world and maybe ours. The cure to cancer may lie in the brain of a child who comes from the slums of a city such as Calcutta or lives in a small village in rural China.

What is so sad about the pointless death of young Christina is the end of the possibility of her life. All we can say in respect of this tragedy and the tragedy that befalls so many children in our world every year is that we must do all that we can to preserve and protect all of our children, because any one of them may amaze us with their achievements and all of them, no matter how little they achieve on a global scale, is special and unique.


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