Creativity in School: A student’s view

After speaking at the annual TED conference in Long Beach, California, twelve-year-old teacher, speaker, and author Adora Svitak wanted to bring a TED-like experience home to Redmond, Washington. “I had such a great experience during my first time at TED, but I realized that not everyone had such an opportunity,” she explained.

So she organised a wonderful TEDx event based in Redmond that was to quote the publicity; “a TEDx event organized by kids, for kids.”

One of these “kids” was Priya Ganesan, who did a talk lasting just over seven minutes about creativity. In this talk she makes some very good points, seen from the point-of-view of the student, about the way that schools kill creativity. She provides some excellent examples to support her argument. This is a mature talk by a very bright young lady who will no doubt go far in her life, regardless of the restrictions that he schooling may have given her.

Next time people criticise modern youth I would like them to go to Priya’s talk and other talks in TEDx Redmond and it may give them a different perspective on young people able to express their own opinions, argue effectively and criticise their elders without resort to rancour or derision.



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