The well dressed goldfish

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The title of this post follows a chance remark by my wife to a friend whilst on the phone.She said, “I just love clothes. in my next life I can come back as a goldfish and just swim around in my birthday suit all day!”

Well, I have been blessed (or cursed) with an imagination. As soon as she said that I immediately thought about what a goldfish might wear.. indeed what might a well dressed goldfish wear? It is of course nonsense… but we can draw a well dressed goldfish, we can write about a well dressed goldfish, design their clothes…. learn about costumes and cultures.

This strange idea (to many) is just one example of where children can become interested and cover an extensive range of skills that project based learning brings us.

I can hear the test fanatics saying… “how do we test the results? What a waste of time… is it in a textbook?”

No, it isn’t in a textbook.. it is from my imagination…. it could probably lead to a whole range of activities lasting maybe a whole week in a primary (elementary) school. It doesn’t need to be tested but it can provide skills of collaboration, design, imagination, creativity and even innovation that will be useful skills for the child being educated in the 21st century.

So I just wondered if anyone would like to take my idea on with their class… I would be fascinated to see the results…. which can be blogged about, photographed or filmed.. maybe there could be a collaboration across the miles between schools in the same country or in different countries…betweeen junior children and senior children…. how about a large model goldfish with a textile outfit…. of course the fish has to be well dressed!

Have fun!




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