The Three Year Old Inside Of You

As readers of this blog (a few hardy souls out there in internet land) will no doubt know, I am a great fan of TED Talks. I am a follower of TED on Facebook and this gives me the advantage of getting their publicity for many of the talks that they have uploaded onto their website.

Recently, they started to upload a number of the excellent talks that take place in the TEDx (where x= independently organised TED event). I have a couple of these talks in my latest Top TED Talks list (which has now reached 15 with the addition of the talk that I will be referring to in this blog).

About two weeks ago I followed a link from Facebook from TED to a TEDx Talk from Toronto by a man called Neil Pasricha called  “The 3 A’s of Awesome” Now usually I would have put the whole talk as an download to my post but this time I wanted to concentrate on just one small part of the talk (which I would still advise everyone to watch as it is excellent).

So I decided, for this post, to concentrate on just one small part of Neil’s talk. It is the part where he goes into the second A of the three A’s of the title…and this is Awareness. Now I was able to concentrate on just a part of the talk by using a website called “Safeshare” This is a really good site that actually allows you to check videos for comments and use the parts that you want to use in talks or for classroom use.

It allows you to download the YouTube video and then search for the relevant section and then it will give a start and finish time and you can then get a URL for the section that you want to show… my section is as follows:

If you watched the section of the talk you will see that Neil refers to us seeking the awareness that exists inside of each of us… he does so in a very powerful way… by saying that we should bring out the three year old within us and look upon things as if for the first time.

I feel that this is so important in education  and indeed in life generally. So often we bore children to death with examples that they have seen for the hundredth time and we wonder why they turn off and seek other courses of action such as talking or prodding each other. We do not do as Neil has suggested and ask them to look upon the familiar with the eyes of someone looking at something for the very first time.

In artists we often see this skill and also in the descriptions of the everyday and the mundane (as we see it) by those who have lost their sight and then regain it.  I remember being brought to tears once listening to a man who had gained his site for the first time in his life  who described the intensity of his experience of seeing the sea for the first time.

Please feel free to use the Pasricha clip with your class, watch the whole talk and when you go on a walk this weekend (or next) look at the beauty that surrounds you with your three year old inner self’s eyes and marvel at the detail of the wonderful place we are so privileged to live in.




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