The lifelong learner

Lifelong Learning
Image by Stephen Downes via Flickr

The lifelong learner knows

There is no end to learning

He sees and hears and experiences


Can learn from others

From his environment

By looking in a different way

By being aware that there is a world of knowledge out there

Which grows every day

In his short life he cannot know everything

He will never know everything

But he wants to explore, to find out.. to ask the question… “why?”

And other questions, “when?” “how?” “Where”

To seek the answer to….. “because”

He learns from others, from the net, from going for a walk, from staring at the sky

There is a joy in learning

There is a need for learning

Learning… without any doubt….. is what makes us human

Whether we admit it or not

We are all lifelong learners.


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