The walk from “no” to “yes”

At a time when the events in Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt is  in the forefront of our minds I feel that we can all learn from the wise words of William Ury in this TedX Talk.

I feel that his words about the value of a walk as a means to get adversaries to actually talk to each other and also to those on the route that they take is very valuable. He puts forward “hospitality” as a way of breaking down barriers and the example of the walk in the footsteps of Abraham across Arab countries as well as Israel is an antidote to the words of misunderstanding and hatred that often emanate from that part of the world.

Apart from the reasons of commerce and breaking down the barriers of misunderstanding there is so much value to be had in the human activity of walking. On our feet we can notice the world around us almost step by step and experience the changing environment in all its multifaceted ways.




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