Entertaining history

Being a follower of findingDulcinea.com on Facebook I was very interested to read about a number of videos that have been collected together on YouTube called “History for Music Lovers” on the  Historyteachers’s Channel.

Now I’m not sure who came up with this idea or how they managed to finance the excellently produced videos that cover a wide period of history but I think that the idea of bringing out historical facts using popular music is a really good one.

There is only one problem… the material is on YouTube and many  teachers will find that they cannot access it at school! This is a crying shame. There is so much material on YouTube that pupils will find interesting and in this case enjoyable and may start a lifelong interest in the wonderful subject of history, politics, geography, science, technology… the list is endless.

Does the video tell the full story? No of course not… but it entertains and it leads to interest. In this respect the Historyteachers have done a brilliant job.

To give you a flavour of what I mean see below a brilliant video about the French revolution using the music (but not the lyrics) of Lady Gaga’s  “Bad Romance”.


One thought on “Entertaining history

  1. HI! I am “Mrs. B” from the “historyteachers”. Thanks for posting this…we will have a website out soon at http://www.historyteacherz.com but for right now those interested can follow us on FB or Twitter @historyteacherz….we have a lot of fun on FB and you can ask any question you like, or make suggestions!

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