Scale of the Universe

A simulated view of the entire observable univ...
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Go to and you will be able to download and see a wonderful interactive scale that takes us from the smallest thing in our known universe.. a string (as in String Theory) to the actual dimensions of the Universe itself (in as much as we can have a figure to define this unknown).

It functions on so many levels.. it has wonderful music, it is artfully presented, it explains wonderfully the concept of a sliding scale (you literally do use a slide at the bottom of the screen) it allows children to see the different aspects of science from the micro level all the way to the exploration and understanding of the Cosmos.

If you are a teacher at practically any level… download this free resource and give your children a chance to experience the wonders that science has discovered for us and maybe, in the future they might add to our knowledge of the Universe we inhabit or  maybe save the amazing little bit of it that we all live on for our descendents.


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