The Cardboard Institute of Technology

The Cardboard Institute of Technology are working  at the Exploratorium in San Francisco during this month (February).  They are using cardboard as a means for children and adults to explore scientific, technological and artistic ideas.

They have been busy making a whole imaginary  city landscape from cardboard as can be seen from the picture below and in the video above:

Yet again this is the Exploratorium using great and simple ideas to really get children (and adults) to explore science and technology in a creative way. This is the sort of thing that can be done, maybe on a much smaller scale, in classrooms everywhere.

A few years ago I did a number of lessons in which I followed the U.K.’s QCA guidelines to get children to disassemble, observe, experiment and build using simple materials in design technology. I hope that the example of The Cardboard Institute of Technology will inspire more teachers to try this approach. I can confirm from my own experience that it really gets children talking, collaborating and learning about physical forces, materials and technology. There is also a healthy need to involve mathematics in the process.



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