Our Green Planet

I uploaded this wonderful animation to YouTube. I found it on an excellent site from Swansea called Learn ICT . This site is a veritable treasure chest of ideas, videos, animations and links to some excellent sites and apps for schools.

I found the “Our Green Planet” animation as the first entry in their excellent gallery of school-made animations. This animation was created by  Class 3 /4 from Clydach Junior School, which is an old established school in the small town of Clydach near Swansea in Wales. It has a very green environmental theme and  shows how we should all be aware of waste and recycling.

Class 3/4 is a mixed Year 3 and 4 class and therefore this video was created by seven and eight year olds. It is powerful, effective and very much reflects the children’s concerns with what we are doing to our planet as well as their optimism that we can get it right for future generations. Notwithstanding all of that it is also a very competent animation that uses technology to communicate and try to influence.

Well done Class 3/4… you have shown just what is possible if children are given the chance to use technology. In the process of writing, editing, making the models, drawing the backdrops, adding appropriate music and  narrating the scenes, they have covered many important skills that have developed their learning in so many ways.


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