Wael Ghonim: Inside The Egyptian Revolution

I have written about a number of TED Talks in my blog. As anybody who follows me will  probably know, I have a Top TED Talks entry that started at my Top 10 and has grown  periodically whenever I see another brilliant talk that deserves to be added to the list. I have just added this talk by Wael Ghonim to the list (it is number 16 in an ever growing list of amazing talks by amazing people).

This talk deserves to be seen by many many more than the 300 odd people who have been fortunate to see it so far. It shows just how this young Google executive living in Mubarak‘s Egypt was able to help co-ordinate a “people’s revolution” that was very much fuelled and aided by social media such as Facebook.

To understand how social media has changed political landscapes and also how it has helped topple regimes such as Mubarak’s look at this video. Ghonim speaks with great passion and this is something that any of the revolutionaries who fought against the odds throughout human history have had to have. It is a video that I would recommend any civics, politics, history or social studies teacher to show and it is something for any student consider… just how much the power of social media has changed our world.



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