Why we should have mobile phones in schools: A diamond 9

Mobile Phone showing multimedia options
Image by johnmuk via Flickr

I first came across the “Diamond 9” a few years ago. I found that it was an excellent way for students to discuss items. They needed to create an order of importance and in this process they needed to talk to each other and work out reasons for their decisions to place an in item in a particular rank in the “diamond”.

Recently, my post “10 Reasons We Should Allow Mobile Phones Into Schools” has proved something of a hit with readers.

I was delighted therefore when I was able to combine my interest in this topic with the Diamond 9 creator that can be  found in the Classtools website.

If you follow this link you will come to the webpage. Let your pupils have a play with the ideas, add to them, discuss them or reject them. Maybe they can come up with some Diamond 9 discussion points for a topic of their own choosing. Whatever they do this is a process that certainly aids learning in so many ways.


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