Twitter: my window on the world

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I almost always make Twitter my first or second site to visit when I switch my laptop on. This morning there are a number of Tweets about an earthquake in Japan. I know that it is bad, I know that some have talked about a Tsunami hitting the coast, I also know that an airport has been closed in Tokyo. I picked up the following link from a Tweet to a report on the events….

A few weeks ago, as the events in Egypt unfolded I was able to follow them almost minute by minute by looking at Tweets and Retweets on Twitter. Social media played a really significant part in the revolution and in some ways I felt a part of it all.

I became a follower of Wael Ghonim and have been able to use his Tweets to keep up with the events in the aftermath of the events. He sends his Tweets in arabic such as this one that I received today…..

Ghonim Wael Ghonim
يا ريت كلنا نشارك في استطلاع رأي شباب الإنترنت حول الفترة القادمة في مصر #Egypt
I used the wonderful Google Translate to help me understand what he is talking about.. thus:
If only we all participate in the Youth Survey online about the coming period in Egypt Http:// # Egypt
This has meant that, any given event, anywhere in the world, I know about almost instantly and I can keep up with events despite the barrier that language may have provided in the past.
I really cannot see why students and pupils would not benefit from having this access to instant events almost as they unfold. This is yet another example why we should allow Twitter into the classroom.