Born To Learn

I found this video as a link on Facebook by a friend George Couros. I followed the link and watched the video. It was the kind of things that I would have said if I had made it myself!

I went to the main site that had made the video called  “The 21st Century Learning Initiative” and found a place where I felt at home. Here was an organisation that was about the need for our education system to change and take note of learning and play. They used brain research to back up their arguments.

Interestingly, their angle on adolescence was one that I had not heard covered in the way that they do before. It seems that they produce an argument for our human development being based on the continuous change and creativity that comes from adolescent brain change and the need to do and not just sit and be hemmed in.

I listened and watch videos of John Abbott, the President and guiding force of the 21st Century Learning Initiative. These can be found on the main website and are worth hearing and seeing.

I look forward to the main “Born To Learn” website coming onto the web in the near future and am delighted to have found a site of like-minded people.


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