Video Literacy: Graham’s World

This video is directed and edited by 13 year old Graham Cooper. It deserves a much wider audience than the paltry 800 odd that it has achieved so far on YouTube.

I came across it as I looked for examples of videos about the subject of water, which is a huge major problem for all of us on this planet but which is almost untalked about except by a very few activists… and the wonderful Graham Cooper.

What is fascinating about this video, apart from its professionalism is that a digital native who has grown up in a video-based world has, by thirteen years of age, learnt so much about the media and can produce such a powerful video as this.

Graham is probably an exceptional child and obviously has a great talent, but I feel that Chris Anderson is so right in his TED Talk of last year  “How web video powers global innovation” we are moving into a new age where video literacy is as important or more so than conventional written literacy.

Our school systems need to wake up to the transformation that has happened and the need to allow children to express themselves in a media that they find more natural and are at ease with than the printed word that we bombard them with each day in their schools.

Thank you Graham for your skill, your concern and for showing us your potential… there are still many videos for you to do for us and they will get better and better.


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