The Child Inside: The World of Peter H. Reynolds

I am so lucky.I have developed a wide range of valuable contacts through my PLN and also through Twitter and many of them now on Facebook.

This morning, I looked at an entry in Facebook from one of the best sources of information that I have , namely, Jackie Gerstein. I was taken to the above video and loved it.

The video led me to investigate the work of the creator/writer. This turned out to be Peter H. Reynolds. If ever there was a person who was saying just what I thought and have always thought about creativity, potential and the need to find the inner-passion and ability within yourself, then here he was.

Peter is very much a polymath, a writer, illustrator, I.T. specialist and the founder of an amazing film company called Fablevision.

The video alone would have been a worthwhile discovery on a grey and cold Monday morning before I went to work. But the discovery of the mind and works of Peter H. Reynolds can only be called a fantastic and inspiring start to the week. Let’s hope my other links are as good!


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