Google School

Google Logo officially released on May 2010
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Imagine if Google were run along the same lines as our schools.

(1) When the employees arrived every morning they would go into a room with other employees born in the same year.

(2) They would have to register that they were there and then endure some period of sitting in silence or lounging around until the first bell rang.

(3) They’d then go into the room that their timetable had assigned them

(4) They might work in pairs, they might work in groups but often it would be on their own… hardly a computer in site and no mobile phones…THEY ARE BANNED!

(5) At the end of a set period of time they would hear the bell again and wander off down long crowded corridors to their next room and then the process would begin again.

(6) Break times would be set and timed and no rowdy play!

(7) Put your hand up and take a pass if you want to go to the toilet (bathroom)

(8) Lunchtime is a time for rowdy play, long lines for insufficiently interesting or nutritional meals and trying to get yourself heard in the canteen/kitchen/hall… or you can always bring a small lunchbox and eat your sandwiches and chocolate bars (carrots are preferred).

(9) The afternoon goes on forever and there are more rooms and bells… maybe you have no lunch and go to homework clubs and “extra-curricular” events (how to develop a new App/ datasets of the future).

(10) The day ends and you wander home and know that the next day will probably (inevitably) be just like the last one.

Now I know that this is all a bit far fetched… but do we ever really think that a cutting-edge company like Google could run like we run our schools?  Surely we need their  ideas of collaboration, creativity and empowerment of employees to happen in the schools where the next generation of Google/Apple/Microsoft employees will come from.

How about another thought… what if our schools were run like Google?




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